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About Informatics360

Welcome to Informatics360 Consulting where our purpose is to provide compelling strategic insight for organisations serving the global IT industry. We passionately believe that we bring tremendous value to the organisations that we work with, drawn from a very distinctive blend of both operating and consulting to IT businesses. As you read, we hope you get a sense of what makes our approach distinctive. We are very good at strategic assignments and seeing the big picture, but we are also committed to implementation and delivering immediate results. At Informatics360, we call it insight with action, where we take market or customer knowledge and help organisations to translate it into robust management actions. This is very different from the normal consultancy approach, which is to present back findings and then hope that an organisation has the resources to implement the newly discovered insights.

Our Services

Helping organisations transform using technology to become data-driven

Organizations collect more data than ever before but can’t realize the value of this data to unlock efficiency and feature gains. Much of this data remains locked in silos, difficult to access, challenging to manage, and isn’t in a form to drive insight from analytics and machine learning.


Hybrid & Multi Cloud Consulting

We enable organizations to modernize IT infrastructure and applications to drive innovation by harnessing enterprise data. We have a dedicated team of certified consultants and Solution experts.

Cloud Managed Services

We provide complete management and control of a client’s cloud platform, including migration, maintenance and optimization.

DevOps Services

Streamline your organization's DevOps journey. Knowledgeable experts who handle all of your DevOps consulting Needs 24x7x365.

Digital Innovation & Strategy

We enable digital transformation adoption of digital technology in an organization to improve efficiency, value & innovation.


We provide creative solutions for electronic, print, and social media campaigns. Our clientele includes some prominent names in the business.

UI/UX Design

We are really enthusiastic about the user interface we create and focus greatly on crafting a truly hassle-free and enjoyable user experience.

Web Development

Our web developers adopt analytical thinking and solve complex problems to serve our customers deftly in a wide range of domains.

App Development

Our mobile developers apply logical and creative thinking to produce apps adhered to fulfilling user needs and offering a digitally refined experience.

Digital Media Marketing

We take care of all the digital marketing solutions for our clients, be it designs, content or social media strategy.

Game Development

The games we develop are backed by strong codes written by our skilled programmers and ingenious graphics designed by our specialist graphic designers.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team ensures high-quality project implementation and helps deliver robust software on time.

Engineering-led cloud transformation

Unlocking cloud excellence to help you innovate and fuel growth Our team helps you achieve cloud excellence, enabling new ways of working, reduced costs, and greater efficiency. With a history of delivering landmark cloud projects, coupled with our engineering heritage, we have experience delivering cloud solutions that impact the lives of millions.


Financial Services

Making lives and business better Intense competition in global market make financial services one of today’s most dynamic industries. Now more than ever, your ability to manage growth, control costs, and respond rapidly to change is directly related to the flexibility and scalability of your enterprise system. Financial business is always in change, and with this in mind, Informatics360 has developed a complete solution to meet prevailing challenges within financial business.


Working collaboratively with your teams

How we’ve contributed to the reshaping of the digital world. We take pride in our strong capability for designing and engineering robust software and have helped some of the leading businesses in the UK & USA modernize their business operations and optimize efficiency. Our culture means that we put your users first and prefer to work collaboratively with your teams. We work as a combined team, transferring technical knowledge to you, so that you become self-sufficient, resilient, and ready for future trends. Our long-term relationships produce transformative results and ensure sustainable data and digital transformation.


How it Works


Team Work


Our Technology Stack

Illustrious Services With The Right Tools


Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision

Every member of the Informatics 360 family has a part to play in the growth of all individuals of the family as well as that of the Company which strives to go beyond the expectations of its customers with the help of its committed and forward-looking workforce.


We Consultant to Get Business Plan


Our Strength is Cross Boundary Teamwork Done.


Brainstorming, Researching, Planning and Strategizing Work


Unlock the potential of the digital world. Let us help give your business a boost